Dual system

It is a time of great change for the fixed prosthesis and implant surgery in general.

The continuous growth and evolution of systematic and new products have imposed new rules of the market.

The combined system Dual Sistems® was developed by Anteea® with their business partners with technical support , scientific and commercial implantology and the latest surgical techniques through a dedicated staff , while remaining faithful to its vision of specialization and updating.

Converters for bonding Anteea Dual Sistem® are designed to give those who work in the field of Implant ( Dentist – Dental – Shopping milling ) to achieve a complete dental implant technology, using CAD modeling of bonding interfaces , or manually using the technique of lost wax casting .

The system will allow Dual Sistem® restorations of titanium , zirconia , Laser Melting (SLM) , pressed ceramic and all ceramic materials of new generation.

The system offers a cost-effective alternative for crown and bridge alloy based on noble metals, without sacrificing accuracy standards of the connection and the compatibility of the house implant chosen by the customer .



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