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The company Anteea comes from the experience in the dental industry and precision engineering .

Anteea work for about 10 years in the field of bio-medical and oral implantology with the collaboration of professionals who have combined their professional knowledges to develop high quality products to meet the high standards of our customers and ensure total safety .

Backed by an office design that uses CAD-CAM design software and modeling , Anteea also designs and manufactures a range of components and accessories, perfectly compatible with the majority of systems on the market.

Thanks to the latest technology of the latest generation Anteea is able to meet all the needs of doctors and dental surgeries , ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Anteea works with companies and professionals with vast experience in the field of surgery, implantology , technical, prosthetic , mechanical and computer daily using the most sophisticated and innovative techniques of implantology , providing you with all the know- how for the development of all products .

Anteea is a fast growing company focused on the research , development, manufacture and marketing of innovative products and services in the field of implant dentistry .

The core values ​​of our company are the pursuit of excellence , encouraging and challenging the current times looking for quality and innovation.

This is our commitment , because the “Made in Italy “ is the thrust towards the future.

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